Purple Diary

[February 1 2023]

Purple #39. The New York issue

Purple #39 the New York issue is coming out on Monday 6th.

Available in France, then Europe and everywhere.

431 pages

25 texts and interviews

15 luxury stories

100 pages of top advertising

“Today, a new generation of artists, musicians, designers, gallerists, and writers are taking the city by storm. Determined to make it, even though NYC is now officially the most expensive city in the world. They find spaces further and further from Manhattan, from Brooklyn to upstate, even sometimes leaving to other places, while still thinking and breathing New York. But above all, New York is a state of mind. It remains the most creative, intellectual, fearless, and transgressive city in the United States, for better or worse – in spite of the underground art scene in Detroit. Miami and its international art fair, the art collections and museums in Houston and Dallas, San Francisco and its tech explosion, and of course the artificial paradise of Los Angeles that still attracts creatives.”

       ⁃        olivier zahm

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