Purple Diary

[May 24 2023]

Purple premiere: “Spiral Circus” by Lukas Ionesco

Get ready to be captivated by Lukas Ionesco’s latest musical creation—an enticing 5-track EP that showcases his mastery of intricate pop and rock. With subtle vintage influences, Lukas seamlessly intertwines songs sung in both French and English.

Entitled “Spiral Circus,” this EP serves as a heartfelt dialogue between Lukas and his inner child, guiding it towards growth and transcending feelings of loneliness. It takes listeners on a romantic journey where shadows reveal hidden demons, vividly portraying the dreams of a disillusioned child in search of identity. Produced by Marcello Giuliani (renowned for collaborations with Etienne Daho and Jeanne Birkin), this EP is truly a labor of love.

Lukas Ionesco comes from an artistic lineage, with his mother, the renowned director Eva Ionesco, and his grandmother, the photographer Irina Ionesco, undoubtedly influencing his creative expression.

In Lukas’s own words, “Spiral Circus is reminiscent of the music box from my childhood—an imperfect, circus-shaped treasure endlessly playing in my mind.”

Just Two Clowns

Room Of Lies

Dog Life

Every Body Knows

The Owl

Stay tuned for the EP’s release on June 1st!

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