Purple Art

[October 10 2014]

“Pressure Point” at The Outpost, New York

Soft pressure is a tactic that uses almost unconscious modes of cultural/social stimuli to subtly penetrate our every-day world. The more artfully propaganda is camouflaged the more it is consumed, transformed from message into medium, and invested into our bodies. The baroreceptors in the carotid artery are pressure-sensitive, supplying the brain with information to control systemic blood pressure. In Kung Fu the softest pressure can stop someone’s heart before the hardest punch. “Pressure Point” provides an experiential analogy for the precision, knowledge, and dignity of soft pressures and its ability to shape culture. The outcome is charged, collected, and delicately deadly. “Pressure Point” will be on view at The Outpost until October 30th. Text by curator Alexandra Drewchin, Photo Elise Gallant

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