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[January 13 2017]

Pitti Uomo 91 presents “Two or Three Things I Know About Ciro”, an exhibition devoted to Ciro Paone the founder of Kiton at Palazzo Gerini, Florence

Due o tre cose che so di Ciro” (Two or three things I know about Ciro) is a tribute to the leading entrepreneur in Italian fashion, Ciro Paone founder of Kiton. He’s such a figure that this weekhe received the Pitti Immagine career award at Pitti Immagine Uomo 91.

The exhibition, curated by fashion writer Angelo Flaccavento, represents a sensorial journey through six rooms, each devoted to one of six specific themes that have become milestones in the life of Ciro Paone through installations, quotations, impressions and ironic plays of contrasts between tradition and contemporaneity, sacred and profane, underlining the fact that Paone is a maestro, who still remains rooted to the simplest routines of everyday life.

“Two or Three Things I Know About Ciro” runs until 7pm today at Palazzo Gerini, Via Ricasoli 42, Florence.

Photo Alessio Costantino

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