Purple Art

[February 19 2014]

Peter Fischli and David Weiss “Polyurethane Objects” exhibition at Matthew Marks gallery , Los Angeles

Showing for the first time in Los Angeles in twenty-five years, Peter Fischli and David Weiss’s exhibit, Polyurethane Objects appears to be nothing more than a workman’s mess. The humorous series consists of an array of ordinary and random objects—some in bizarre proportions—hand-carved and meticulously painted by the Swiss sculptors to exact likeness. After meeting in 1979, the pair began creating and amassing the collection in 1982. Referencing Marcel Duchamp’s influence on their work, Fischli stated, “Duchamp’s objects could revert back to everyday life at any point in time. Our objects can’t do that; they’re only there to be contemplated. They’re all objects from the world of utility and function, but they’ve become utterly useless.” Polyurethane Objects is on view until the April 12th at Matthew Marks Gallery, 1062 North Orange Grove, Los Angeles. Text and Photo Paige Silveria

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