Purple Diary

[March 5 2009]

OUTDOOR FURNITURE BY ARTISTS for cumulus studios, new york

Tuesday night at TwentyFirstTwentyFirst Gallery, Nathalie Karg and Renaud Vuaillat hosted an exhibition and dinner for their new company Cumulus Studios, which commissions artists to create outdoor furniture. Nahtalie Karg is a horticulturist and landscaper. Renaud Vuaillat owns 21st21st Gallery, which specializes in limited edition modern furniture. Sixteen artists participated in the first series and new works by another set of artists will come out in the fall. The pieces range from a scarecrow (Ugo Rondinone) to a highly reflective ping-pong table (Rirkrit Tiravanija). The dinner party quickly turned into a dance party, then off to Beatrice Inn, again…

Text and photo by Rachel Chandler

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