Purple Fashion

[October 2 2018]

Olivier Theyskens S/S 2019 show at Espace Durand Dessert, Paris

Olivier Theyskens’ spring 2019 collection—though presented in a warehouse during daylight hours—continued to touch on the darker, somber side of nature.

 It started with headpieces fashioned from sticks of wood painted black, and it carried on through the prints picturing Hans Bellmer’s famous Doll series. The collection is comprised mostly of dresses, where their fabrics and assemblages woke up some real gothic spirits. Lingerie, corset, lace, patent leather, and transparent knitted cashmere offered a view of the flesh, which was sometimes covered by a pair of long sleeves.

 Theyskens here again confirms his personal take on fashion, and a secular soul to accompany it.

Text Dorothée Perret and photo Janna Tatarova

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