Purple Diary

[June 30 2011]


‘Underdressed and oversexed‘. It’s the beautiful in the obscene, and the obscene in the beautiful. NUDE PAPER, the Hamburg-based independent magazine of new standing, reignites the freedom beyond clothes and their politics. ‘An orchid paper full of genitalia’, Uwe Jens Bermeitinger, Art Director for NUDE PAPER, told me. A conversation in a sauna one day between Uwe Jens Bermeitinger and Hannes Deter (publisher), and NUDE PAPER was born. The first issue was launched in 2009, unknowingly to most. Young men, girls, older men, and transgenders – the only elitism that reigns through NUDE PAPER is the worship of nudity. It all lies somewhere between art, fashion, erotica and a certain philosophy – nudity as physical liberation, a sexual lure, a spiritual exercise. Those naked bodies on the hued paper usher in the unapologetic chic and poetics of beauty au naturel. It reads like sexuality’s grammar: our fetish, our perversities, our inner exhibitionist, our unrestricted selves…”LIBERTE. EGALITE. NUDITE!”

NUDE PAPER Issue N°III can be ordered at BOYS BOYS BOYS with a limited 1000 handnumbered copies worldwide, featuring stories with and by Francois Sagat, Nettie Harris, Daniel Josefsohn, to name a few.

Photo Uwe Jens Bermeitinger and text Sophie Pinchetti

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