Purple Art

[October 12 2016]

“Missouri, Cover, 2016” Exhibition at École de recherche graphique, Brussels

“MISSSOURI” project presented at the École de recherche graphique in Brussels took its name from Élisée Reclus – an anarchist and a geograph allusive to his landscape descriptions, from Bavaria through New Orleans to Mississippi. Putting the geology and human behavior as one, he travelled all his life, working for guides and completing his encyclopedic oeuvre.

The exhibition can be defined as a “super report” about past community experiences initiated by DAVID EVRARD, SOPHIE BROSSAIS and alumni from ERG (Ecole de Recherche Graphique) in Centre d’Art la Chapelle Jeanne d’Arc, Thouars. They brought together students of art schools from Paris, Angouleme, Munich, Bordeaux and Nice, with participation of artists such as BEATRICE DELCORDEEMILIE PITOISET and JULIEN SIRJACQ. Guest contributions from curators and art theorists included JILL GASPARINA, RAPHAEL PIRENNE, or YANN CHEVALLIER. It also served as an editorial proposal for the cover of the first issue of “Misssouri” – a publication scheduled for release this December.

Photo Guillaume Boutrolle

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