Purple Art

[July 9 2012]

Markus Schinwald’s “Old Wants, Young Desires” at Gio Marconi Gallery, Milan

Markus Schinwald works on complexity and distortion using a classic language. His intriguing method consists of taking antique oil paintings and manipulating them: moving the objects, hiding the faces behind ambiguous pieces of cloth, adding prostheses, masks and bandages. He works around the body and its relation with the space. So that, eventually, the characters are immersed in a self-ruled, surrealistic, somehow perverse world. With Old Wants, Young Desires, he deals with a subtle idea of eroticism and sexuality, quite evident both in the odalisque, in the sculptures of legs that are reminiscent of gogo dancers, and even more in the turbid black and white prints. On view through July 27th at Giò Marconi Gallery, Via Tadino 15, Milan. Photo and text Marta Galli

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