Purple Art

[January 31 2024]

“Mark Flood: Tommy Puett” an exhibition on view at Elliott Templeton Fine Arts.

Flood’s fascination with retired actor Tommy Puett, best known for his role in the 1989 television series Life Goes On, is at the heart of this new exhibition. The obsession is evident in the recurring appearance of Puett’s image in his work. With his mullet, chiseled body, and sweet face, he remained in relative obscurity even at the height of his career but maintained a teen heartthrob status, retiring at 26 years old in 1997. By blending art pieces from the 1990s with more recent ones, the exhibition emphasises the way desire for images can haunt and nourish one’s imagination while freezing in time a bygone teenage fantasy.

On view until February 11th at Elliott Templeton Fine Arts, New York

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