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[October 25 2016]

“La prima notte di quiete” by Valerio Zurlini screening for 11° Festa del Cinema di Roma at Sala Trevi, Rome

At the occasion of the 11th Festa del Cinema di Roma, the Cinema Trevi proposed a nostalgic retrospective dedicated to the work of one of the most brilliant roman filmmaker of the 60s Valerio Zurlini.
“As a filmmaker, Valerio Zurlini looked towards the future but keeping an eye on the tradition of the past generation. He presented his cinema as family chronicles that appear nowadays incredibly moderns and contemporaneous”  explains Sergio Toffetti, director of The National Film Archive for Industrial Film.

About “La prima notte di quiete”,  Valerio Zurlini tells that “it is a movie strongly linked to the Adriatic landscape, where winter can be very violent. It also contains some aspects of “popular history”: the story of a man that has destructive relationships with others and that finally meets the youngness, but this hides a reality of death. This is why the title of the movie is a line from one of Goethe‘s poems that can be translated as  “The death, the first night of calm”.


Photo Gabriele Malaguti

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