Purple Art

[April 27 2018]

John Chamberlain “ENTIRELYFEARLESS” exhibition at Gagosian, London

“Every material has a different density, different weight… Every hand squeezes differently. In finding your place in sculpture, you need to find the material that offers you just the right resistance. As it turns out, car metal offers me the correct resistance so that I can make a form—not overform it or underform it.” John Chamberlain

For just a little over a month, Gagosian is exhibiting the distinctive metal works of art by American sculptor John Chamberlain. In each of the crushed automobile steel displayed, Chamberlain explores the interaction between the physical features of the industrial materials, recalling elements of Abstract Expressionism, Pop, Minimalism, and high baroque.

ENTIRELYFEARLESS” is on view until May 26th, 2018 at Gagosian17–19 Davies Street, London.

Photo Ekaterina Bazhenova

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