Purple Art

[March 26 2014]

Jay-Jay Johanson and Ekaterina Bazhenova’s “H. What’s your biggest addiction? E211” performance, London

Musician Jay-Jay Johanson and artist Ekaterina Bazhenova present E211 whose subjects are pure human forms not dissimilar from inanimate still life objects, while rendering an extraordinary, penetrating humanity. By turns clinical and intimate, stark and tender, the works resulted from weeks of intense web communication between Johanson and Bazhenova. All three videos evidence Bazhenova’s almost ruthless process of observation and forensic reckoning of the human body. “E211” anatomises the compositions of Johanson’s music and Bazhenova’s visual work, dissecting and mirroring their elements through juxtapositions with music works by Johanson. These works translate the space into a mise-en-scène of Bazhenova’s visual works, encouraging a dialogue between her work and music of Johanson, and ultimately highlighting the uniqueness of viewer’s vision. Photo Ekaterina Pronina

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