Purple Art

[January 26 2017]

Jack Irv “Outrun the Wasp” at Parasol Projects, New York

Jack Irv adds to a New York legacy of subverting the rules in the name of a thrill. “Outrun The Wasp” was a pop-up exhibition at Parasol Projects with themes of risk, sex, and vandalism. Many of the works incorporate  destruction, from the inherent cuts of collage, to burnt flags, to a cartoon cutout riddled with bullet holes. The floor was strewn with fictitious NYPD ‘missing persons’ posters of Jack Irv’s face and firecrackers which were intermittently lit by the crowd, spraying sparks. “Outrun The Wasp” explores the dynamism of boyish pranks with the backdrop of New York City.

Text and photo Elise Gallant

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