Purple Art

[April 16 2018]

“The Incomplete Araki: Sex, Life, and Death in the Works of Nobuyoshi Araki” exhibition at Museum of Sex, New York

For more than 50 years, Araki has published more than 500 photo books and produced tens of thousands of individual prints. Nobuyoshi Araki’s exhibition at the Museum of Sex —the first major retrospective in the United States— presents a large body of the controversial Japanese photographer’s work. 

The show is a constant hide-and-seek game where Araki‘s heavily erotic charged imagery is an alibi to explore the less obvious themes of loneliness, loss, mortality, “sentimentality”, and death.

“I feel that to live is something sentimental (…) it all comes down to loneliness, how we are actually all lonely.”

On view until August 31st, 2018 at Museum of Sex, 233 Fifth Avenue, New York.

Text and photo Fabienne Ayina

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