Purple Art

[October 18 2018]

Graham Hudson’s “Sisyphus Reclined” installation at Burberry Regent Street, London

GRAHAM HUDSON‘s Sisyphus Reclined sits in the newly Tisci-ed, curtained cool of the Regent Street Burberry flagship like a scaffolded pirate’s ship, a vessel that has somehow both crash-landed and been meticulously assembled at the same time. Plonked at the top is a crow’s nest look out, decked out with a multi rig of cameras to capture 3D images of bodies. Elsewhere: bright coloured plaster moulds are being prepared from body casts of bodybuilders and dominatrixes; a robot arm encased in a safety box softly whirls, milling away at solid blocks to reveal polystyrene torsos and limbs; and a slowed down version of the BAHA MEN‘s Who Let The Dogs Out?’ plays from one of the sound systems rigged around the rigging. All the while, the lab-coated artist and his team of assistants tweak the machinery, field polite questions from shoppers who clamber into and up the apparatus, and feed more data and bodies into the system. As an exploration of the spirit and practice of making, it’s a beautiful, befuddling thing.

Sisyphus Reclined is on view until October 26th, 2018 at Burberry, 121 Regent St, Mayfair, London.

Text and photo Jethro Turner

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