Purple Art

[November 2 2021]

“Generation Kanacke,” an exhibition by Serkan Sarier presented by 3537 at Church of the Twelve Apostles, Berlin

German born Turkish and Bosnian artist, Serkan Sarier explores the problems of identity and integration in immigrant communities. Sarier‘s art deals with the theme of otherness and the quest for recognition in a country that is not considered one‘s ethnological homeland, but one‘s country of birth.

“Many people seek affirmation in the notion of belonging. One‘s own identity is attempted to be conformed to the identity of one‘s immediate environment in order to strive for a sense of approval and security. But what if we grow up or live in a society whose identity is very different from the one we perceive as our own?“ says Sarier.

The exhibition marks 3537’s first project outside it’s home base in Paris. It will take place at Church of the Twelve Apostles which serves as a place for faith and as a functioning community centre for counseling, homeless work and
pastoral care. It is also home to Männer-Minne, the first gay male choir in Berlin.

“For our first “hors les murs” (outside the walls) partnership event, we were spontaneously attracted to the notion of inclusiveness, community interaction and education inherent in this exhibition, to how art and creation in the broadest sense can shine a light on the serious issues of the world today and to how where the action takes place can be as important as the action itself, thereby enhancing the message.” says Adrain Joffe of 3537.

On view from 5th until 7th November 2021

Apostelkirche 1, 10783 Berlin

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