Purple Diary

[June 14 2011]

FRIENDSWITHYOU’s FIRST NEW YORK SOLO SHOW at the hole’s new gallery, new york

Former Deitch Project Directors Meghan Coleman and Kathy Grayson present Miami-based collective FriendsWithYou as the inaugural show in their permanent gallery space on the Bowery. The exhibition coincides with the group’s Rainbow City installation of inflatable sculptures along the West Side Highway at 30th Street. FriendsWithYou use simplified geometric shapes, color blocking, and playful smiling faces to inject happiness in the viewers, encouraging visitor interaction and free association with the objects. While at first the work seems blissfully ignorant and childish, the content belongs to the same world as Yayoi Kusama and Takashi Murakami by bridging art, design and animation. Photo and text Juliana Balestin

🙂 by FriendsWithYou is on view until August 6 at The Hole, 312 Bowery, New York.

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