Purple Diary

[June 22 2016]

An exclusive preview Paul Hameline’s new fanzine “Rave New World”

Take an exclusive preview into actor, model, DJ, and now publisher Paul Hameline’s first fanzine Rave New World, featuring unseen works from Willy VanderperreGosha Rubchinskiy, Peter De Potter, Pierre-Ange Carlotti, and Collier Schorr, paintings and engravings realized by Mica Arganaraz, Anouk Rabot and Kelsey Henderson, in addition to the words of Lea Combacal.

“Rave New World is by its content a conversation with my surrounding/environment/world, with all artists in their own way. They are my inspiration. They are my motivation. Most importantly, they are my friends. They are the reason why Rave New World ever saw the light in the first place. All together we form an informal collective that is now materialized,” said Paul Hameline. “The zine praises the identity and ethic of each conntributor and glorifies the importance of sticking to one’s own principles in order to make the most out of it.”

Only 200 copies of the limited-edition book will be available and launched today from 8-10pm at The Broken Arm, 12 Rue Perrée, 75003 Paris.

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