Purple Art

[April 22 2015]

Ei Arakawa’s performance “Jiro, Digital Painting” at Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas

The Dallas Museum of Art premiered the newly commissioned experimental musical Jiro, Digital Painting, created by New York-based performance artist Ei Arakawa with Dan Poston and David Zuckerman. The hour-long happening was inspired by the current DMA exhibit Between Action & the Unknown: The Art of Kazuo Shiraga & Sadamasa Motongaga, which encompassed the artists’ careers including their 18-year involvement with the avant-garde Gutai Art Association. Heavily influenced in his work by the Gutai, whose founder, Jiro Yoshihara, the performance was named after, Jiro reflects on and re-imagines specific events in art history. The production was enacted by Arakawa, Kim Hoang, Eriel Jones and Fabian Leyva-Barragan alongside a large-scale anthropomorphic light installation, whose computerized voice fed its character’s lines.

Text and photo Paige Silveria

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