Purple Art

[January 21 2014]

David Lynch, William S. Burroughs and Andy Warhol at The Photographers Gallery, London

The new show at The Photographers’ Gallery is a heavy trifecta of three artistic legends David Lynch, William S. Burroughs and Andy Warhol. The exhibition, showcasing the black and white photography of the greats, gives us a peek into lives, minds, and artistic processes of the highly talented and diverse artists. Lynch exhibits an errie series of photos of factories and their surrounding lanscapes saying, “I love industry. Pipes. I love fluid and smoke. I love man-made things. I like to see people hard at work, and I like to see sludge and man-made waste.” Burroughs, better known for his writing than photography uses photography not only as a tool to supplement his writing but as a record of everyday life through his own personal scope. Though Warhol’s most famed use of photography was perhaps as the templates for his screenprints, he also used it as means of diary keeping, and further as art in its own right. Displayed in this exhibition is a selection of images of Warhol’s friends and musings. The exhibition is on view at The Photographers’ Gallery until January 31st. Photo Flo Kohl and text Leah Gudmundson

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