Purple Art

[June 8 2016]

Dani Karavan studio visit, Paris

Born in Tel Aviv in 1930, sculptor Dani Karavan is well known for his ability to match a monumental but minimal design with a sensibility for his culture and society. Thanks to this particular approach, in 1958 he won the competition to design the pavilions for the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Israel’s independence. Since then, his work combines concepts such as nature, sculpture, architecture and commitment.

He’s the author of some of the most visited permanent works of our time like the Monument to the Negev Brigade (1968) in Beersheba and the Kikar Levana (1988) in Tel Aviv. Karavan’s particular understanding of humanity is internationally appreciated: among the others, he was committed to built the Way of Human Rights monument in Nuremberg (1993), the Way to the hidden Garden (1999) in Japan and the Square of Tolerance (1996) in Paris.

Check out the Kikar Levana captured by photographer Zach Pontz for Purple Travel !

Photo Janna Tatarova

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