Purple Art

[May 27 2014]

Charlie Billingham “Tender 2 The Sunshine Room” at OHWOW, Los Angeles

Charlie Billingham’s solo exhibition “Tender 2 The Sunshine Room” opened last night in Hollywood. This is Billingham’s second show at OHWOW this year—he recently joined fellow Royal Academy graduates Adham Faramawy, Oliver Osborne, and Prem Sahib in the Bloody English group exhibition. Using acrylic, oil or both on a variety of surfaces, the 30 small-scale paintings in Tender 2 abstractly depict two boats at sea. To frame these works, Billingham painted pale blue and pink grids on the walls as well as constructed three wood and chrome dinghy-shaped sculptures, which rest upon blue watercolor tapestries and hold a pair of paintings each. Three glass houses on large canvases complete the series. “Tender 2 The Sunshine Room” is on view at OHWOW, 937 N. La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles until June 28th. Text and Photo Paige Silveria

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