Purple Art

[October 30 2014]

Cajsa von Zeipel “Pony Tails” at Capricious 88, New York

Capricious 88 presents “Pony Tails: To Live Play Move and Clash As She Will” a solo exhibition by the New York based Swedish sculptor Cajsa von Zeipel. von Zeipel, known for her towering plaster sculptures of gaunt lanky characters, introduces her latest congregation of provocateurs. Posturing, lofty in size and waifish in frame, her players invite objectification, challenging their oglers and dominating their domaine. In “Pony Tails”, von Zeipel conjures modern issues through classical methods with astounding technical expertise. Her troupe are embodiments of controversy, they are problematic and rife with contradictions. Here she aspires to unearth and unravel new discussions, encouraging the viewer to push their social concerns from the obvious connotations of the male gaze to the unchartered territory of the female gaze. Photo Elise Gallant

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