Purple Art

[May 2 2018]

“Bacon – Giacometti” joint exhibition at Fondation Beyeler, Basel

The new exhibition at Fondation Beyeler is based on a dialogue between the work of Alberto Giacometti and Francis Bacon. Paintings and sculptures are cleverly balanced in this incredible place built by Renzo Piano.

Studying the question of the human body, Bacon and Giacometti have a similar point of view on suffering expressed through the flesh. The individual is dominated by an instinctive and violent strength, that insoles him in his anxiety. The two artists agree on the idea of loneliness, often emphasised by a cube or a cage, frightening for Bacon, introspective for Giacometti. Bacon’s colorful paintings contrast with the sculptures of Giacometti, which create an intense exhibition. Alternating between calm and storm, Alberto Giacometti catches a moment, when Francis Bacon portrays a figure in motion.

Bacon – Giacometti” is on view until September 2nd, 2018 at Fondation Beyeler, Baselstrasse 101, Riehen/Basel.

Text and photo Eugénie Devos

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