Purple Diary

[August 7 2013]

Antique store “Place Des Vosges” closed its doors

For half a century, a few city blocks located between Greenwich village and East village, union square and 10th street, was harboring a rare concentration of book stores and Antique shops. Today Place des Vosges, one the last antique store still open on broadway, closed its door. Only 2 bookstores, Strand and Alabaster, are still open in the neighborhood. And although 11th and 12th street still have a few antiques shops left, one can’t ignore the sadness of the slow transformation of this historically high cultured neighborhood. Next door, two years ago, you could see original medieval chairs on the shop window of the antique store Turbulence, now you can buy 3 DVDs for ten dollars…


Photo and text Alexis Dahan

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