Purple Art

[January 17 2014]

Angelblood retrospective at Home Alone 2, New York

Angelblood took many turns in it’s discourse. Mainly, the band started as Rita Ackermann, Lizzi Bougatsos and Jess Holzworth. We had many players and friends record with us, among them David Nuss (No Neck Blues Band), Mick Barr (Orthrelm, Cromtech), Brian Degraw and Tim DeWitt (Gang Gang Dance, Dutch E Germ). Rita and I wanted to do this show as an homage to a performance that was unseen and undocumented. When I look at the footage, I do consider this performance the best performance of my life. No critic was there to document it. Noone really documented the concerts we played in lower Manhattan, Zurich, Paris, St. Gallen, Holland. All we have is our photos. They will soon be published in a book. But for now, we have this reminder of when Rita rode out on a motorcycle, I was blind, taped to a chair. Rita unwrapped me and led me to a golden staircase that laid on a labia of rose petals. We were both wearing Black Vinyl. I walked the staircase slowly as I reached the white toilet bowl. Inside were scraps of raw meat and pearls. I slowly dug into the bowl with utensils that didn’t catch or grab the juicy body parts or even the pig head. So I slowly, grabbed the pinhead and offered it to the Heavens, where he belonged. That was the end of the performance for Indigestible Correctness. There was a violin player Rita met on the subway playing. We had over a hundred artists in our curated group show and their were two installations at two locations, one in each space. This was a night to remember. Angelblood retrospective runs through february at Home Alone 2 gallery, 208 Forsyth Street, 10002, New York. Text Lizzi Bougatsos and photo Elise Gallant

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