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[November 28 2016]

An interview with Langley Fox about her new show “Let’s Get Lost” with Andrew Kuykendall at Chainlink Gallery, Los Angeles

“Let’s Get Lost” at Chainlink Gallery is Langely Fox‘s second paired show in Los Angeles – this time with fashion photographer Andrew Kuykendall. The presentation consists of a combination of Andrew’s photography, Langley’s drawings and a collaboration between the two where Langley laid her illustrations over Andrew’s photos of her. We caught up with her briefly to discuss her work’s sophomore appearance.

PAIGE SILVERIA — How’d you guys first meet?
LANGLEY FOX — At a photoshoot when I was like 22, when I’d first started modeling. I was pretty bad at it.

LANGLEY FOX — Cause I was so nervous. It gets easier; you just realize you have to separate yourself from it and then you stop caring what your face looks like. But in the beginning you’re just nervous.

PAIGE SILVERIA — When’d you decide to work together on this show?
LANGLEY FOX — A long time ago we started talking about collaborating. Then it was on the back burner and we just took our time. And then we were like, “If we don’t do it now, it’s not going to happen.”

PAIGE SILVERIA — Was everything made specifically for the show?
LANGLEY FOX — No. I picked drawings that were themed off of women. There’s a lot of boobs in here. We sort of were taking pictures in the beginning of this year and then he’d give them to me and have me just do whatever I wanted. Once we got the space together, we just asked each other what we wanted in here. Me knowing his work and him knowing my work, we pulled from our collections pieces that were appropriate to be paired. We wanted to feature the collaboration, but also our work on its own.

PAIGE SILVERIA — Have you shown in a gallery before?
LANGLEY FOX —I’ve been in another show with Tasya van Ree at The Lodge in Los Angeles. That one was me drawing on her photographs. All of the pieces were made specifically for the show. It was more of a collaboration than this one, which is featuring our work on its own.

PAIGE SILVERIA — How long have you been drawing for?
LANGLEY FOX —My whole life! I’ve definitely gotten better. It’s always there. It’s what I’m good at.

PAIGE SILVERIA — I can see that!

On view at Chainlink Gallery, 1051 South Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles.

Photo and interview Paige Silveria

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