Purple Diary

[November 8 2012]

A Second push to help those in Rockaway affected by Sandy

We wanted to spread the word that we are having another volunteer day to help those affected by super storm Sandy and will be meeting this Saturday at 10am at 4 west 54th street. At the end of the second week, post-sandy, there are very different needs and skills necessary in the relief efforts.

We have drafted a list of things Rockaway need which includes things like heaters, gas lamps, cleaning products, work boots and overalls, tools, tents, flashlights and blankets. From our volunteers we need fit people able to handle serious manual labour, to help clean sites and basements and distribute aid. We are also looking particularly for those with specific skills like Repairmen, Plumbers with equipment, Knowledge and help for residents to deal with insurances and possible funds, Skills in social work and care-giving, Home renovation experts, People experienced in crafts, construction, Mold treatment experts, Russian speakers and those with Architectural skills.

If you wish to participate please email AIDFORROCKAWAY@GMAIL.COM for a place on the bus.

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