Purple Diary

[September 11 2012]

A review of the Purple 20th Anniversary Dinner with BLK DNM by New York Magazine


Adrien Brody is the first to arrive at Olivier Zahm’s Purple party at the Top of the Standard last night. The dinner party invitation said 8 p.m., and he arrived at 8:15 p.m. “I assumed an 8 p.m. dinner actually meant an 8 p.m. dinner, and here I was worried I was late,” Brody tells The Cut during his meal — which, after pre-dinner cocktails and oysters, is served at 10 p.m. In an interview over cocktails, Zahm describes the reliably wild party as “not something I plan in a marketing way, it’s just a get-together” for the “community of artists and friends” that contribute to his magazine. Chloë Sevigny arrives in a black lace minidress at 9 p.m. and poses for photos with Waris Ahluwalia before retreating to the less crowded end of the room, drawing a small crowd with her. At dinner, Ahluwalia is seated by Brody; Jared Leto is at a neighboring table. Zahm keeps his sunglasses on all night. As we speak, he holds a bullet in his hand. “My friend Roberto gave me this bullet in case I want to die,” he says. “When you’re tired of life, you need this. Then he said, if the first bullet doesn’t work, here’s three more.” He then pulls three additional gold bullets from his pocket and smiles. “It’s just because we love life,” he says, “so we need to escape it when it’s bad.”


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