Purple Diary

[September 4 2018]

A preview of ‘Privé’, the new fanzine by Arturo Bamboo

Arthur Groeneveld and Bamboo van KampenArturo Bamboo – present their second publication: ‘Privé’: a large format, black and white nude zine.

What sets this series of images apart is the fact we’re together and both function as photographer as well as subject – in this way every shot has a very personal view from either Arthur’s or Bamboo’s perspective. Also the fact that nude imagery in general does not bother about fashion, time and place stimulated us to create a timeless piece. The photos are untouched and show everything reality offers: imperfections, light, pleasure, tension, lack of focus and darkness. […] The large newspaper format was for us the ideal size to display the beauty and sensuality of the human form while the visible imperfections of the black and white films in combination with the raw, fading character of the newsprint paper gives a certain depth, tactility and rhythm.” — Arturo Bamboo 

Privé will launch during a special event in Berlin-Mitte end of October – more info soon.

Photo Arturo Bamboo

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