Purple Art

[July 17 2014]

“A.I. Roman Inspirations” presentation at Giacomo Guidi Gallery, Rome

An exhibition but also a mise-en-scene: the portrayal of Rome as an inspiring force for artistic and artisanal creativity. At his new gallery, scheduled to open officially in September, as an exclusive favour to Altaroma and A.I.Giacomo Guidi will provide a unique space and part of his collection to create a dialogue between international artists and young designers. The artists involved include Jannis KounellisNahum TevetGerold MillerMatteo Montani and Maurizio DonzelliImportants works of art, canvases and installations linked by way of their artistic affinities to the conceptual graphic design techniques of the dresses of Arthur Arbesser and the knitwear of Mario Caruana, the caleidoscopic textures of Paola Balzano and the brush strokes of Bradaric-Ohmae but also the ‘50s-style tastes of Andrés Romo and the bags of Catherinelle‘.

Striking images like blow-ups of the research work on the camouflage textures visible on the aluminium of the ShootingBag1981 totes and curved leather shapes by Borgenni. Shoes, ranging from the ultra-feminine, dream-like creations by Giannico to the sneakers designed by Jenì Grace an ideal Roman red carpet carrying the footmarks of shoes worn by actors and created by Albanese.

The anthropomorphous jewellery designed by Nora Renaud portrays the intangibile aspects of Rome while the handwoven African fabrics of Cascàmi by Barbara Cuniberti, featuring reams of blueprints of St. Peter’s and other buildings, design unreal itineraries in space. The costumes of “The Great Beauty” by Sartoria Annamode but also those of the “The Wonders” by Sartoria Farani will be on display alongside other costumes by the same couturiers which will be used to dress the mannequin-like “Visitors”. In an ultra-contemporary space in Trastevere, between the Botanical Garden, the Tiber and the Gianicolo: a unique event, a meeting between artists, painters, poets and people from the world of fashion and showbiz, a re-enactment of Rome in times gone by. Text Alessio de’Navasques and Photo Gabriele Malaguti


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