Purple Art

[October 28 2020]

Somaya Critchlow for Purple #34 the LOVE Issue

“There’s a big history within art where the radicalization of feminist viewpoints in art, at one point, was very anti having the female figure painted because of how men had portrayed it throughout history. But I felt that that meant it excluded me from being intrigued by something that I live with daily. It’s my body. Women are sexual in their own right and have their own desire. You should be able to explore that without it being about engaging with those ideas. It can be its own thing.” — SOMAYA CRITCHLOW

Somaya Critchlow’s figure-paintings and full interview with Olivier Zahm featured in Purple #34 the Love Issue.

Interview by Olivier Zahm
Portrait by Juergen Teller
All artwork copyright Somaya Critchlow
Courtesy of Maximillian William, London

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