Purple Art

[October 26 2020]

Purple #34 the LOVE Issue OUT WORLDWIDE

The Picabia cover story featuring an essay by philosopher Arnauld Pierre.

“Was it not he [Picabia] who said, ‘Man’s heart is admirable only in the lecture hall’? And, more crudely: ‘Our sexual organs should have eyes. Thanks to them, we would be able to say that we had seen love from close up.’ Picabia’s amorous machines, the emblems of this disenchantment, say exactly the same thing: love is merely a sequence of mechanical operations that can be repeated ad libitum, which only goes to show their vacuity.”

All artwork by Francis Picabia
Text by Arnauld Pierre
Special project by Katerina Jebb
Thanks to Beverley Calte / Comité Picabia 

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