Purple Diary

[November 9 2020]

Israel Fernández by Suffo Moncloa for Purple #34 the LOVE issue

Young flamenco singer Israel Fernández reinterprets the Andalusian gypsy musical tradition, which celebrates LOVE as a violent passion, a source of fire and pain. A story by Suffo Moncloa for Purple #34 the LOVE issue. Israel Fernández’s latest album Amor is out now on all major streaming platforms.

Photography by Suffo Moncloa
Style by Raquel Garcia
Production by Ekaitz Arruti and Q17 Studios
Talents Israel Fernández, Africa, Roma, Bharati Jiménez
Photographer’s assistant
Daniel Torres
Stylist’s assistant Irache Rubial
Casting by Lane

Go to purple.fr / BOUTIQUE to purchase your own copy of Purple #34 the LOVE issue.

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