Purple Art

[October 21 2020]

Amanda Charchian for Purple #34 the LOVE Issue

“Love is the most beautiful and complex sculptural entity in all of life! It transforms, morphs, turns itself inside out. It teaches us what the meaning of change is. It teaches us what time is.” — AMANDA CHARCHIAN

Artist Amanda Charchian created a series of painted images inspired by the greek myth of pygmalian, who falls in love with his own sculpture of his ideal woman and prays for her to come to life. Charchian’s conversation with Olivier Zahm for Purple #34 the LOVE issue brings us back to this greek-myth world of love and art. 

Photography by Amanda Charchian
Interview by Olivier Zahm
Style by Julia Ehrlich
Make-up and body cast by Holly Silius
Set design by Natalie Fält
Model Oceana Celeste

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