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[September 14 2017] : Television

“And the River Walked With Us”

“And the River Walked With Us” by Celia Hay & Anne Vimeux

The film is about a pilgrimage that took place by the River Thames. As part of this journey, Célia Hay and Anne Vimeux walked from the Thames’ source to its mouth. They captured thus the isolation of living in autarky, the gestures of their everyday routine as well as some rituals. A certain sense of loss emerges from this strange pilgrimage. As and when the walk progress, some odd silhouettes and events occur. The physical and mental effort of the walk leads to a dissolution of the bodies which appear then as some kind of ghosts. Eventually, as their journey ends by the sea, they reach a certain state of sweet madness.

“And the River Walked With Us” will be exhibited at Institute of Contemporary Arts London from the 21st to 25th of March 2018. Until then, it is touring across England as part of the Playback Touring Exhibition in association with Channel 4 Random Acts.

Film directed by Célia Hay & Anne Vimeux
Photography by Célia Hay & Anne Vimeux
Editing: Célia Hay & Anne Vimeux
Grade: Célia Hay
Sound: Sébastien Pont

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