Purple TV presents Slowed Down the new music video for Visuals directed by Luke Harris. In 2012 New York/Berlin based producer Andrew Fox formed Visuals, choosing the name as a sly reference to a debilitating ocular disorder he suffered as a child. Now on Nicolas Jaar's Other People imprint, Visuals' EP is a collaborative relay race between like minds. After recording and producing much of the arrangements himself, Fox handed the songs off to Darkside guitarist Dave Harrington for a final round of mixing and edits. Nicolas Jaar proceeded to finish the job, lending the record a distinctive psychedelic thump that fits Fox's songs hand-in-glove. more info

Visuals debut four-song EP is now out on Nicolas Jaar's Other People imprint.

Director - Luke Harris
DP - Fernando Cardenas
AC - Adam Gould
Art Dept - Jonathan Miertschin
Producers - Erica Bice and Sasha Dunlap
Post-Production - Oliver Mancebo
PA - Will Galpern

music / 2015