Purple Television

[April 12 2012] : art

Mark Gonzales beta testing at the Armory by Bill Powers by Bill Powers

A behind the scenes moment captured by Bill Powers – pulling Mark Gonzales on a tow rope behind artist Tom Sachs, Mars Rover – testing for his May show at Armory. The show by Tom Sachs will launch the next flight of his SPACE PROGRAM with an unprecedented four-week mission to Mars, all within Park Avenue Armory’s foot drill hall. Following his 2007 mission to the moon, Sachs and his team will take audiences to the further reaches of the universe with an installation of dynamic sculptures. Using his signature bricolage technique, Sachs fashions aeronautical equipment and the world of another planet out of simple materials–foam-core, hot glue, plywood, and other standard materials that have been salvaged or are readily available from D.I.Y. catalogues.

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