Purple TV presents 6 Lola 6 directed by filmmaker and photographer Tomas Pena. In his new documentary he explores the burgeoning generation of Internet feminist cyber slut teenagers based in Gothenburg, in particular he focuses on the intimate moments of Lola. Society has always had outsiders. You can always meet someone who's not happy with what society has set up for them. People who are not resigned with what life gives them. Lola is one of them. more info

At a young age she realised that she could be stronger thorugh the Internet and that she didn’t need to follow the classic path that most people take in life. After she quit school and faced some problems in real life, she lead a fascinating blog with great ideas, pictures, music, videos and quotes, most of them created by her. She used Tumblr not only as an exposure tool, but as an art form itself. She made this virtual art feel authentic even if it was not so orthodox. Her desire to take over the Internet using whatever she could get on her hands on to communicate her feelings is reminiscent of other great artists who use different forms of mediums. "When I found her on Tumblr I got really attracted to her world and not so long after I realised there are many kids like her, but each one of them a bit different from another. She was, together with some of her friends, reclaiming to be heard, because their vision on youth, music, feelings, feminism, etc… needed to be heard by an old generation that might never have questioned on whats going on in their lives today. So I like to think that 6 Lola 6 is somehow portraying this new generation of young Internet artists that struggle to make their voice rise over the, sometimes disappointing, real life. I wanted to portrait her and our Internet relationship because I'm fascinated by the possibilities that technology give us nowadays. When you are in the Internet sometimes you can feel this kind of freedom that only exist vi0rtually. Like in that documentary called Catfish, but real, no fake online IDs, no fake talks, etc… just pure virtual friendship," said Tomas Pena.

Directed by Tomas Pena

Written by Olivia Lola and Tomas Pena

Produced by Bonzo with the help of Purple.fr

Thanks to Estrella, Freja, Ben Cooper, Errol Rainey, Los Animals, Fabiola, Lucas and Sofia.

love / 2014