purple FASHION WOMEN purple FASHION Magazine : S/S 2013 issue 19

re-fashion WOMEN POWER


photography by MEL BLES




Katlin Aas @ TESS MANAGEMENT and Magda Laguinge @ NEXT, models - Mark Hampton @ JULIAN WATSON AGNECY using TONI & GUY, hair - Ayami Nishimura @ JULIAN WATSON AGNECY using MAKE, make-up - Emma Roach @ THE MAGNET AGENCY, set designer — André Skjefstad, digital capture - PHOENIX BESPOKE LONDON, retouching — Charlie Brierley @ D + V MANAGEMENT, casting - Dan Ciufo, Sophie Green, and Rhys Thorpe, photographer’s assistants - Grace Atkinson, Henry De Castillon, and Samantha Grayer, stylist’s assistants - Caterina Maiolini and Oskar Pera, hair assistants — Miyuki Ishizuka, make-up assistant - Ciara Halpin and Andrew Clarkson, set design assistants


Shot at SPRING STUDIOS, London


Thanks to Mark Loy and all at SPRING STUDIOS, Danielle Van Camp, Brooke Wilcox, Zsa Zsa Vella, and Jo Faulkner



Gold-plated metal Boules necklace and Fil and Pile rings BALENCIAGA by NICOLAS GHESQUIERE, worn throughout