Purple Fashion — Martine Rose

[October 27 2017] : Magazine

Martine Rose

menswear designer/ london

interview by RAIN LAURENT
photography by BENEDICT BRINK


RAIN LAURENT — I think what everyone’s wondering is, how do you do it all? You’re pregnant, you have a child, and you are consulting for Balenciaga and Napapijri, and you have your own brand.

MARTINE ROSE — How do I do it? Loads of help. My mum and my boyfriend help take care of my son Valentine. Actually, it sounds so much more impressive than itis in reality. It was much harder when nobody knew who I was, when I was doing just my own brand.

RAIN LAURENT — Do you think people only really got to know your brand through your collaborations, especially in the last two years?

MARTINE ROSE — For sure. There’s been a marked difference.

RAIN LAURENT — But you’re saying it’s actually easier for you now, with all those collaborations going on plus the pressure of running your own brand?

MARTINE ROSE — Yes. I think it was harder before. Just because I never knew if anyone was hearing me or if it was resonating. I never had any money. It was always resonating with a core group of people, but never enough to earn a living, to do all of that shit. Looking back now, I’m like, “Why the fuck did I do it for so long?” And I think people give me more credit than I’m due because people are like, “Oh, you know, you just kept on with that vision,” and I’m like, “Hmm, I’m not so sure.” It was this crazy focus that I had. I don’t know if I really knew what else I could do. Do you know what I mean?

RAIN LAURENT — You always wanted to do fashion?

MARTINE ROSE — I couldn’t think of anything else that I wanted to do. I was just really into culture — club culture in particular. And it always came through music, and I was psyched up and really, really young.

RAIN LAURENT — How old were you when you were into club culture?

MARTINE ROSE — I remember having my 14th birthday in an illegal club in Vauxhall. So that young, really! But even before that. I have a large extended family, and my older cousin, Darren, was really into going out to raves. And when everyone...

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