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[May 24 2018] : Magazine

Oliveira baptista felipe

lacoste spring / summer 2018

portrait by COLLIER SCHORR
photography by WALTER PFEIFFER
interview by OLIVIER ZAHM

OLIVIER ZAHM — Lisbon is now the hot destination for Europeans. 

FELIPE OLIVEIRA BAPTISTA — I always used to think of Lisbon as Europe’s best-kept secret. It’s funny to see people suddenly getting all excited about it. Lisbon was a great place to grow up. There is something very safe and easy about the city; in general, people are very kind, so as a kid and teenager, I had access to quite a lot of freedom. Cutting classes to go to the beach, hanging out in the old gardens, and going out at night from a very early age. Lisbon is such a special place. The quality of the light, the ocean, the drama, the decaying beauty, the modernist architecture, the old people, the melancholy, and the joy.

OLIVIER ZAHM — What is it like to come from Portugal as a designer?

FELIPE OLIVEIRA BAPTISTA — I would say maybe a certain sobriety and rawness. It’s not something that I tend to analyze or control. I have traveled a lot since I was a kid (my father was an airline pilot) and have been always fascinated with discovering new places (I suppose that comes from the ancestral Portuguese heroic vision of discovering the world). On the other hand, I left Lisbon when I was 18. I studied in London, lived in Italy, moved to Paris, and worked quite a lot in Asia and the US.

OLIVIER ZAHM — Who is your favorite Portuguese artist?


OLIVIER ZAHM — Isn’t it really scary to look at the future that is facing us?

FELIPE OLIVEIRA BAPTISTA — I like to look back, always. But I don’t like when people get stuck in the past, holding on to it as a better world that has disappeared. Yes, the idea of the future might be scary in today’s socioeconomic situation, but it will always be exciting to look ahead.

OLIVIER ZAHM — Do you use Instagram as a source of references?

FELIPE OLIVEIRA BAPTISTA — Sometimes, but what I prefer is to go out and find new things in real life. There is something quite unsexy about getting everything from a computer.

OLIVIER ZAHM — About Lacoste, can you tell...

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