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[October 15 2018] : Magazine

zoe latta

los angeles
zoe latta

interview and portrait by OLIVIER ZAHM
photography by ROB KULISEK

All clothing Eckhaus Latta F/W 18/19

Eckhaus Latta’s New York shows gather a community of artists and creative people who might be either watching or walking the catwalk. Their store and studio in LA’s Mid-City have no sign and are surrounded by a group of young galleries and shops. The bicoastal creative duo is working on a new possibility for alternative fashion in America.

OLIVIER ZAHM — When did you open your store in Los Angeles? 
ZOE LATTA — It’s a store and a studio, on Washington between 3rd and 4th, but pretty close to the freeway. It’s Mid-City, but a lot of people call it South Koreatown. 

OLIVIER ZAHM — What’s the neighborhood like?
ZOE LATTA — It’s an amazing combination of galleries, bodegas, upholstery shops. Our friends next door have a perfume company called Régime des Fleurs. It’s more like their office and showroom. Another friend, Kristina Kite, has her gallery across the street, and the Underground Museum is next to her. The gallery Shoot the Lobster is next door to us. Karma International is just down the street. Right now, none of us has a sign or anything. But it’s nice to be part of this community.
When people come to one place, they often go to the others. 

OLIVIER ZAHM — So, you are creating a new cultural context in the center of LA.
ZOE LATTA — Yes. And we go to each other’s openings. My space used to be the Michael Thibault Gallery, which represented a couple of my friends. We took over his lease when he moved to Minnesota. 

OLIVIER ZAHM — Are you from California?
ZOE LATTA — I’m from Santa Cruz, in Northern California. But when I moved here, LA felt almost as alien to me as cities in Europe where I don’t speak the language. People were so far apart that even though I knew so many, it seemed impossible to congregate in the way I’d gotten used to, living in New York City. The possibility of running into someone simply didn’t exist. 

OLIVIER ZAHM — Was it frustrating at first?
ZOE LATTA — Definitely. I was impatient when I first moved here. I wanted something that it wasn’t. Then,...

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