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— S/S 2013 issue 19

Joshua Neustein

Joshua Neistein

portrait by ALEXIS DAHAN

With a career spanning over 40 years, Israeli artist Joshua Neustein — who lives and works between New York and Tel Aviv — continues to demonstrate his mastery of subversive Post-Minimalism. Most recently at New York’s Untitled Gallery, Neustein’s slit canvases, folded papers and jutting wooden stretchers confounded the integrity of construction. The artist’s economy of material does not limit the depth of his content. Each work is a meditation on the uncertainty of shape, reflecting perspectives both local and global. Neustein revisits and deconstructs certain formal components in order to expose an ongoing narrative of authority versus rebellion. Ultimately, the artist’s work contains both the wisdom of experience and the freshness of an open mind.





Big Little Doll House, 2010, acrylic on polyurethane, courtesy of the artist and Untitled, New York














Little Canvas Anatomy, 2011-12, plastic tarp, canvases, acrylic, plastic high chair, courtesy of the artist and Untitled, New York. photo by Adam Reich





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S/S 2013 issue 19

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