Purple Magazine
— S/S 2013 issue 19


Publishing a magazine twice a year is not simply about promoting the top-of-the-line finds of fashion and art in the current cultural agenda. It’s also a way to discover what’s changing all around us. It’s clear to me that not just art and fashion, but everything is in permanent flux. Heading toward the middle of this decade, we face the changes that will define it. The ’90s were described as a decade of globalization and the first decade of this century as that of digitalization, which actually did set the world on a new course into the future. For better or for worse, everything that happens today is the result of our constant connectivity and immediate access to information along with permanent global interaction. As you will read in the magazine, we are exploring this new cultural context of the Internet. We investigate its impact on the way we represent fashion today and also how this evolution resonates — among other things — in the cinema world, with Harmony Korine choosing Disney actresses for his newest film and with Larry Clark’s new-found freedom to create outside the Hollywood system. As for the political movement, just read our interviews with Josh Harris and Isaac Wilder, one of the founders of the Free Network Foundation, for example. These changes are everywhere and affect everyone. But it hasn’t changed the way we make a magazine, nor has it altered the pleasure and passion we had making this issue for you.


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S/S 2013 issue 19

Table of contents