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[April 29 2016] : TV Takeover

Mac DeMarco TV Takeover dedicated to Prince

Mac DeMarco TV Takeover dedicated to Prince

Today marks one week after the death of the legendary and innovative musician and actor Prince. Exclusively for Purple TV, fan and musician Mac DeMarco has selected a series of his favorite Prince moments for his TV Takeover.

“One of my all time favorite artists, Prince, passed away on April 21, 2016. Previously he made an effort to make sure the majority of his music and live performances were removed from the internet when posted, but for the past few days almost as if in memoriam a ton of clips and interviews have been popping up. Here’s a selection of some of those clips that I’ve come across the past week or so that I feel highlight how interesting... Read More

[April 29 2016] : Art

Mike Kelley “Shaped Paintings” exhibition at Skarstedt, New York
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Mike Kelley “Shaped Paintings” exhibition at Skarstedt, New York

On view until June 25th, 2016, at Skarstedt Gallery, 550 West 21st Street, New York.

Photo Taylore Scarabelli

purple fashion magazine
— S/S 2016 issue 25

Craig Green

london designer

interview by SVEN SCHUMANN


After moving the audience to tears with his celebrated Spring/Summer 2015 show during London Collections Men, Craig Green has been a much-talked-about menswear designer. Often described as pure and fearless, even using sculptural elements in his collections, Green’s strong vision for menswear keeps turning heads — and not just those of men.

SVEN SCHUMANN — John Waters told me recently that being called a “cult filmmaker” in Hollywood means that your film lost money, but three smart people really liked it. As a new designer who is often described as having cult status, what does that word mean for you?

CRAIG GREEN — As a young designer for the first few seasons, you’re not making any money, you’re not selling anything, so you’ve got this kind of freedom to create how you want to create, even if people might not like it. So, I guess
it’s sort of like a “cult freedom” when you’re just starting out. I think a lot of London designers, especially young ones, have that similar feeling in the beginning.

SVEN SCHUMANN — Do you think London is more open than Milan or Paris when it comes to experimental fashion?

CRAIG GREEN — Yes, and that can be seen by the amount of new brands that are allowed to grow in London. Designers from all around the world are starting labels in London because of that. It’s partly the support network and partly the acceptance of weirder, more experimental proposals at the beginning, which don’t necessarily need to make money.

SVEN SCHUMANN — But now, after six seasons, I’m sure you have to start thinking about that.

CRAIG GREEN — Mainstream success has never been something that I’ve aimed for, but it’s not something that I’m against, either.
In the beginning, I don’t know if I ever considered myself a designer who made clothes that people would want. It was more about making things, about creating an image or proposing an idea. Transforming that into a commercially accessible piece of clothing is a new challenge that’s happened in the last three seasons, but it’s an exciting one. It’s just developing how it hopefully should.

SVEN SCHUMANN — Did it take a lot of...

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[April 29 2016] : Art

“Future Nature” A Group Exhibition at Jack Hanley Gallery, New York
View the gallery

“Future Nature” A Group Exhibition at Jack Hanley Gallery, New York

On view at Jack Hanley Gallery until May 22, 327 Broome Street, New York

Photo Elise Gallant

[April 29 2016] : News

“1 000: A Collection of Tattoo Designs by MxM” published by Maxime Buchi and Sang Bleu is out now!
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“1 000: A Collection of Tattoo Designs by MxM” published by Maxime Buchi and Sang Bleu is out now!

Published by Sang Bleu, “1 000: A Collection of Tattoo Designs by MxM” marks a milestone in Maxime Buchi’s tattoo career, showcasing a reflected amalgamation of his work from the past 6 years. Encapsulating the world of art and design, the book consists of 320 pages spread over 7 chapters. It is presented in a limited-edition hardcover format, featuring over 1000 iconic designs by Buchi, alongside a curated selection of finished pieces of body work.

Pre-order the book it here!

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