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— F/W 2016 issue 26

India Menuez

angel heart

interview by OLIVIER ZAHM
photography by HARLEY WEIR

TINA OUTEN at Streeters, hair

The New York art scene is not dying, as so many think. There’s a new generation of emerging artists following after Dash Snow, Dan Colen, and Ryan McGinley: young, spontaneous, easygoing, feminist women. They use every medium from Instagram to sculpture, performance to fashion, and are audaciously open and independent. At the center of this emerging scene is 22-year-old India Salvor Menuez.

Seven years ago, India created the art performance group Luck You, performing in galleries and on the Internet, and making sculptures, paintings, and films. She supported herself by modeling for photographers, designers, and painters like John Currin and brands like Miu Miu. Her appearance in Olivier Assayas’s Something in the Air kick-started her budding career in cinema, and she is currently working on directing a film, curating more exhibitions, and performing.

OLIVIER ZAHM — I’m very interested in you, your generation, your friends — I like the free, open context that you’ve created. It reminds me of the early ’90s.

INDIA SALVOR MENUEZ — Well, if you can survive here long enough to start making things, that’s already an achievement in itself.

OLIVIER ZAHM — Is it so difficult to survive in New York?

INDIA SALVOR MENUEZ — Financially, it’s more and more difficult. Having grown up here, I’ve seen a lot of kids who can’t afford to live in the neighborhood they grew up in unless, maybe, they’re living with their parents.

OLIVIER ZAHM — Where do you live?

INDIA SALVOR MENUEZ — I live in Chinatown now. I live with my boyfriend, Jack. You met him. Tall, quiet.

OLIVIER ZAHM — He’s an artist?

INDIA SALVOR MENUEZ — Yeah, he’s an artist, and we have a very modest little apartment, and then I have my studio in the house.

OLIVIER ZAHM — Were you born in New York?

INDIA SALVOR MENUEZ — In Brooklyn, but I lived in London for three years, from the age of six to nine. That’s the only time I didn’t live here. My parents split up, so I went back and forth between Brooklyn and Chinatown. I was very much downtown for my teen years. You live here, you’re...

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“Room” group exhibitions at Sadie Coles HQ, London
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“Room” group exhibitions at Sadie Coles HQ, London

On view until February 18th, at Sadie Coles HQ, 62 Kingly Street W1, London.

Photo Flo Kohl


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