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By Martin Creed

[May 26 2016] : Art

Yayoi Kusama exhibition at Victoria Miro, London
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Yayoi Kusama exhibition at Victoria Miro, London

Yoyoi Kusama’s biggest exhibition in London since her 2012 Tate Modern retrospective, this latest show features the Japanese artist’s new work, split between Victoria Miro’s Wharf Road and Mayfair locations. Paintings include the ‘Infinity-Nets’ pictures: swirling surfaces of tight brush twists which occasionally peak into impasto, and more from the ‘My Eternal Soul’ series of semi-abstract color-clash canvasses. Alongside these are selfie-trap mirror rooms, which will get most of the attention. One is lit by natural daylight (‘Where the Lights in my Heart Go’), a second by lanterns in Kusama’s famed kabocha squash leitmotif (‘All the Eternal Love I have for the Pumpkins’), and a third by... Read More

Text and photo Jethro Turner

[May 26 2016] : Art

Francesca Woodman “On Being an Angel” exhibition at Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson, Paris
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Francesca Woodman “On Being an Angel” exhibition at Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson, Paris

“Throughout her career, the young American photographer Francesca Woodman revisited the theme of angels. In On Being an Angel (1976) she is seen bending backward as light falls on her white body. A black umbrella is perched in the distance. The following year she made a new version – an image with a darker mood in which she shows her face. Woodman developed the angel motif during a visit to Rome where she photographed herself in a large, abandoned building. In these images, she is wearing a white petticoat, but her chest is bare. White pieces of cloth in the background are like wings. She called these photographs From Angel Series (1977) and From a... Read More

Photo Inès Manai

purple fashion magazine
— F/W 2012 issue 18

Rei Kawakubo

an empire of intuition
Comme Des Garçons F/W 2012-13 women’s collection

photographed by PAOLO ROVERSI
interview by OLIVIER ZAHM


OLIVIER ZAHM — Your last collection is a masterpiece and one of the best collections of the F/W 2012 season. What was the starting point?
REI KAWAKUBO — I started with the same desire to make something that didn’t exist before. I had the idea to try to design without designing, using the simplest techniques. I worked on the theme of two dimensions. Often the simplest thing is the hardest but most powerful.

OLIVIER ZAHM — You started your company in 1968. You’ve been working on this for more than 40 years. How is it possible that you keep staying that creative and that you are able to surprise your public each season and even your own fans? What is your secret?
REI KAWAKUBO — It is just a continuous, every day work of always looking for something.

OLIVIER ZAHM — In the beginning, your fashion was described as a dark deconstruction of fashion. What sparked the change over the past few years toward a new architecture of clothing and a colorful, even playful aesthetic?
REI KAWAKUBO — There is always evolution, and when black became no longer new, I looked for newer things.

OLIVIER ZAHM — Why are you so discreet as a designer, often refusing interviews and avoiding public appearances and the bow at the end of your show? Since the beginning, you’ve kept this discreet position that no designer has, except Margiela. How did you decide on this position from the very beginning?
REI KAWAKUBO — There was nothing to decide. Comme des Garçons is the work.

OLIVIER ZAHM — Your collection has often been described as quite austere and puritanical. But I always find them quite sensual and feminine, celebrating the mystery of being a woman. Does this sensuality come from a Japanese influence?
REI KAWAKUBO — It is just an accident that I was born in Japan.

OLIVIER ZAHM — In your opinion, what message does a woman send about herself by wearing Comme des Garçons?
REI KAWAKUBO — I am happy when a woman who wears Comme des Garçons feels progressive and forward-looking and gets energy from the clothes.

OLIVIER ZAHM — How did you come up with the...

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[May 26 2016] : Art

Sam Falls “Plein Air” book launch at Karma store, New York
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Sam Falls “Plein Air” book launch at Karma store, New York

Sam Falls newest publication “Plein Air”, published by Karmadocuments a year Falls spent outdoors making his large-scale pigment-on-canvas paintings in four separate locations: Hartland, Vermont; Venice, California; Hudson, New York; and Sarvisalo, Finland.

“Plein Air” is available to purchase here!

Photo Paige Silveria

[May 26 2016] : Travel

A Trip to Kyoto
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A Trip to Kyoto

Photo Chikashi Suzuki

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[May 25 2016] : Music

Late night portrait of French singer Christophe in Paris, May 2016.

Late night portrait of French singer CHRISTOPHE in Paris, May 2016.

Photo Giasco Bertoli

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